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Fixating on Problems: It Gives You Something to Do, but it Slows Down your Answer-Factory

Today’s video is about how common it is for people to fixate on a problem as a way to solve it. And how it doesn’t work.

Fixating on problems is like pushing the elevator call button over and over again. That’s not how the system works.

It’s gives people a temporary distraction from the feeling of urgency, concern or stress around a problem. So worrying, analyzing, and overthinking are common habits we turn to and end up living in a certain percent of our lives.

The reason fixating doesn’t create answers is that our answers don’t come from our intellect. They never ever have, and they never ever will.

Our answers come from a universal source of intelligence beyond our intellect that we’re all connected to.

In my field we call it the principal of Mind that delivers us answers and guidance in life in the form of new thoughts, ideas, or a new outlook.

People describe ideas as coming to them “out of the blue” or just occurring to them.

Fixating on problems is like pushing the elevator call button over and over again. That’s not how the system works.

It sounds haphazard and random, but actually all our answers and solutions to every problem we’ve ever had have come to us from a source beyond our intellect.

It’s a powerful resource we can actually rely on. We might need to be patient as our answers don’t seem to get here as fast as we’d like.

Because we don’t manufacture our answers. We receive them.

I think we can all agree we’d like fixes to our problems to happen sooner, on our schedule. But in fact they come to us when the universe is good and ready and not a moment sooner.

But here’s the thing. Having faith that we’re innately connected to this universal source of guidance and answers allows us to quiet our minds down enough to hear new thoughts.

In addition, the sooner the human mind slows and settles, the sooner we tend to see a new angle, a new outlook, or a next step.

That’s why coaching, therapy, or talking to a friend that has more faith in you and in life can be so instrumental in providing relief and transformation. The client I talk about in today’s video is the perfect example.

In fact ironically, this particular client told me she didn’t want to change. She came to our sessions to prove it wouldn’t help. Yet when her mind settled down, she got reflective, and learned about the principles that create our mental health, answers and fresh thinking came to her.

That phenomenon is the focus of today’s video.

Click below to watch.

This is from an interview by my colleague Michelle McCartan as part of a training program for headteachers and heads of trusts in the United Kingdom. Michelle is the Director of Pure Potential which raises the level of well-being in classrooms and ultimately the communities themselves.

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