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Helping Foster Kids (and all kids) Handle Unknowns and Stress with Less Self-Destruction

Today’s interview was originally created for parents and practitioners supporting foster kids that are spiraling down or getting into trouble, like skipping school, getting into drugs, or acting out. I’m sharing here because all kids and teens work the same way. Like foster kids, on some level all kids and teens face uncertainty, insecurity, anger, […]

Making sense of ‘extreme behavior’ in Teens, Tweens, and Young Adults

I recently had a therapist who’s worried about her teen client. This client spends most waking hours under her covers. She dropped out of the school play, two sports, and stopped going out with friends. She mentioned another young client that gets so angry playing video games he’s broken two Xbox controllers, a tv, and […]

Quarantine, Close Quarters, and Getting Along with your Teen

Parenting is a funny thing. We clearly have the instincts for it because chickens and sloths do it without the help of books, blogs and coaches (that we know of). And yet so many people find it to be the hardest thing they’ve ever done. One of the reasons is that there’s no formula. The […]