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Embracing a Life of Mistakes and Apologies: Taking the Easy Route

A client reached out this week that I helped 15 years ago when she was a troubled teen. She’s 30 now, doing great, and thanked me for something I’d taught her. It had turned her life around. What I taught her was such a small point I don’t even remember talking about it. But I […]

Trauma vs The Human Spirit: We’re All Born with the Drive to Survive

Today I’m sharing something I wrote for a young client that’s in the hospital right now. He’s been terrorized by a recent and very severe traumatic event. Unable to have a phone or Zoom call, I decided to write something to him. I share it here because after reading it, I realized almost every client […]

Clarity and Enthusiasm: All You Need to Get Started

If you’ve ever started a business, moved somewhere new, or made a big life change, there’s always a moment at the very beginning when you first hatched the idea. Some of those ideas come together right away, and sometimes they need time, months or years even, to gestate, take shape, or wait until their time […]

Finding Calm and Clarity in a Time of Fear

No matter what country you’re reading this from, your life is inevitably affected by the COVID-19 situation. We’re at a moment in time when there are more questions than answers right now, and we all feel it. But in times of crisis and chaos, there’s one thing we never lose: the ability to find a […]