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Teens & Young Adults: Finding Confidence in Yourself and in Life without ‘Having It All Figured Out"

So many young people feel pressured and rushed, like the clock is ticking and they need to figure out what they're doing, who they are, and what to do with their lives.

As a result, I see a lot of teens and young adults weighed down by worry, anxiety, and intrusive thoughts that can overtake and consume them on a daily basis.

Fortunately, human beings don't actually need all the answers to have more confidence and to feel comfortable in their own skin no matter how messy or broken things feel. Join me as I talk about the potential to bring a different feeling to your life without having to change yourself, change your life, or figure anything out.

This webinar is designed for teens, young adults, as well as parents, practitioners, and people that work with young people.

Click the play button to watch below.

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