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Keeping your Bearings when Life gets Messy

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Something I noticed this week about the business owners, teens, and parents I work with is that when life gets messy, they often get stuck in the very same ways.

Even though their worlds are very different, they react to struggle in similar ways that make things harder.

I think we all get that way.

But I found myself sharing a few points that seem to help all of them start to get a learning curve about handling the messes.

My teen client, a driven and high-achieving student, did badly on an exam, and is so frustrated and disappointed with herself it’s keeping her awake at night.

The parents I worked with this week have run out of patience with the drama and conflict with their two teen daughters.

Whether we’re used to being good at things, or whether life’s been hard all along, dealing with life’s messes can send anyone into a tailspin.

What’s helped me as a parent, in my work, and as a person, is realizing that messiness is a part of life. It’s a fixed thing.

Even in the areas we think we’ve done everything ‘right.’ And even if we’ve worked so hard we deserve a break.

Life just happens, fair or not.

And while we can’t avoid the messy-ness, there are things we can change in the way we relate to the messy side of life. That alone can make an enormous difference in how things play out for us, and how fast we recover from each ‘messy episode.’

We can learn to keep our bearings in a way that makes us more resilient and more hearty over time, instead of becoming more bitter and insecure over time.

That’s what today’s video is about.


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