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Creating Impact with Teen Clients: Learning the Art of ‘Agenda-free’ Listening

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

A few weeks ago I got to see some of your faces on the webinar I did with Dr. George Pransky.

Teens and young adults often have very busy minds. Something that might go in and out of our minds in a matter of seconds, hovers in their thoughts for days, weeks, months...and the problems we might see as insignificant feel like mayhem and destruction for their lives.

If you work with teens, or live with them, you've probably seen it yourself - their hostile nature when they shut down, lash out at you, or hardly resemble the person you thought you knew.

That's the topic for today's webinar recording. For those who aren't familiar with George Pransky, he's my former business partner as well as my dad. He and I spent two decades working with teens and young adults to bring more stability and resilience to their lives.

George's strength has always been the sincerity, respect, and goodwill he brings to his young clients, even the ones that are shut down or upset. And that's what teens respond to best. It gives them the go-ahead to open up when they're ready.

George and I discuss how you, as a parent or practitioner, can find a way to engage teens, and approach the conversation so that they can feel you're in their corner.

Click below to watch.

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