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Clarity and Enthusiasm: All You Need to Get Started

If you’ve ever started a business, moved somewhere new, or made a big life change, there’s always a moment at the very beginning when you first hatched the idea.

Some of those ideas come together right away, and sometimes they need time, months or years even, to gestate, take shape, or wait until their time has come.

When all you have is an idea, without any sense of how or whether it can happen, things like doubt, overwhelm, or insecurity can creep in.

And those feelings can take over. Like the ivy vines taking over my neighbor’s 100-foot tree.

Each feeling on it's own isn’t a big deal, but they multiply if left unchecked.

When I have a day off, every so often I'll find myself being torn and conflicted by how to spend it. I’ll relax and do nothing which is great. Initially.

But then I start to feel compelled to get things done that will never otherwise happen. I start a project, then realize I’ll just wear myself out and regret it. So I bail on it.

At the end of the day I have a trail of mess from things I started, nothing actually got accomplished, I’m tired, and I’m annoyed at myself.

The original inspiration of having a whole luxurious day off, with all of its possibilities, gets lost in the shuffle.

Thought doesn’t care how we use it. If we let it ‘overthink’ all the fun out of our day off, it won’t stop and say, “Are you sure you want me to do that?”

But thought will also give you the feelings of hope, enthusiasm, and freshness when you get connected to an idea or a vision. And it will bring you a cold draft when doubt and insecurity start to move in.

In each of our lives, for every life change and every idea we brought to fruition, that feedback system has been our guide.

In today’s podcast interview, I talk about how, after 18 years with my family business, I decided to leave and start my own practice. All I had was a little slice of enthusiasm and clarity, and a resolve to let those feelings lead, and my business took on a life of its own.

Click here to listen. This will take you to the podcast series called 'Real Business, Real Lives' by host Barbara Patterson.

Barbara is not only my colleague but she also doubles as one of my closest friends. Her programs and content are always insightful and practical, and her delivery is down-to-earth and engaging, with a side of humor. To learn more about Barbara's work, click here.

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