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Raising a Teen? The 3 Parenting Fundamentals for Creating a Calm & Connected Household

You don't have to know all the answers

One thing I notice about parents is that when kids struggle – they’re suffering, acting out, hostile, or unmotivated, I often see parents react in two ways:

— They get weighed down under the burden of solving the situation

— They get into a state of upset themselves, like panic, blame, shame, insecurity, regret, fear, or intensity.

It’s 100% understandable and something I’ve done myself as a parent.

But these reactions can build momentum and silently become chronic, creating parents that are destabilized, worn out, and pressured to fix a problem they can’t necessarily solve or control right away, if at all.

That means that every time the kid struggles, the parent reacts by going into their own struggles. It can be exhausting for parents and it puts them in a perpetual state of duress.

Sometimes there are no easy or immediate answers. As parents we have to play the long game, and we need to be able to evolve and adapt.

And in order to evolve parents need to step back from the upset and urgency and look at things with a different lens and a new perspective. That’s a big part of what I do.

But I also teach them what it takes to stay out of the upset, pressure, and urgency more consistently. That allows them to find their common sense, clarity, faith, and most important of all, the pioneering spirit that parenting requires.

While we can’t control or fix our kids, we can control how often and how much we land in reactive states ourselves. The better the parent’s own state of mind, the more creative, persistent, assertive, strong, and confident he/she will become. And that’s where all the power lives.

Examples of parenting topics I help parents with:

Erika has been an amazing resource

Erika shares her ninja-level understanding of parenting. She has been an amazing resource for Angus and myself as well as our girls. She is smart, funny, and ruthless when it comes to trusting the innate wisdom within to flourish in your kids.”

Rohini and Angus Ross, Los Angeles, CA


Erika Bugbee is the teen whisperer. She’s also the 'parents-of-teens' whisperer.

Erika works with teens and their parents in ways that look like magic, but are deceptively simple and full of common sense. She talks about how understanding what a teen’s inner life is like–even just a little bit–can make a gigantic difference in the quality of your interactions.

You will love this conversation. Listen lightly, but listen for the depth and the feeling in how Erika speaks. It almost sounds too simple to actually work, but if you saw the impact she has with her clients you’d know that you were hearing truth.”

Dr. Amy Johnson, Canton, MI


One-on-One Coaching for Parents: Single Sessions or 4-Session Packages via Zoom

Four individual 1-hour sessions with Erika Bugbee, M.A. will take place over Zoom. These are one-on-one coaching conversations that provide a neutral and judgment-free place for you to talk freely and openly without having to edit or filter your thoughts, fears, or emotions. This gives you an opportunity to get some distance and fresh perspective around your specific parenting challenges, struggles, and goals. Throughout our sessions you’ll learn a set of principles that provide you with the tools and ability to influence, connect to, and enjoy your kid(s).

Single Sessions: $255 USD
4-Session Packages: $975 USD


Individual coaching sessions

Four 1-hour video sessions with Erika Bugbee, M.A. will take place weekly or as needed.


Hand-picked resources (included in 4-Session Packages only)

Three complimentary audio products will be hand-picked to support your specific and unique areas of growth and struggle.

4-Day Intensive Program via Zoom or in La Conner, Washington (USA)

This one-on-one program gives you an opportunity to slow down and disengage from your daily life, get into a more relaxed and reflective state, and look at your parenting struggles, challenges, and goals through a fresh set of eyes. The retreat-style structure, pace, and schedule is facilitated in such a way that it will allow you to learn the parenting principles I teach through a process that’s insight-driven. This creates a new vision and understanding of what it takes to bring out your strengths and your presence as a parent, and give your relationship with your kid(s) a fresh start.

Cost of program:
$4500 USD


individual coaching sessions

Four consecutive days of private sessions facilitated by Erika Bugbee, M.A.


structured time to clear your head, reflect, and absorb what you’re learning

Structured time between sessions is built into the program to provide you the space for you to absorb and reflect on what you’re learning, and clear your head in preparation for the next session.


hand-picked resources

Eight complimentary audio products will be hand-picked to support your specific and unique areas of growth or struggle.


follow-up sessions

Three one-hour follow-up calls are included in the program to help you effectively and gracefully integrate your learning and insights into your parenting and your home-life.


No, your partner does not need to participate in any of my programs. In fact about half of the people that attend my relationship programs either have partners that don’t participate, or they’re single. It may seem like a funny concept to attend a relationships program without a partner, but the fact is, it doesn’t actually matter given how relationships actually work.

The goal of these programs is to help you to show up to the relationship, and the tension and challenges it brings with less reactivity and overanalysis, and more clarity, grace, and presence. That has a profound and immediate impact on the relationship as it changes the level of communication, the chemistry, the connection, and the overall dynamic. It’s the best thing you can do for yourself, AND for the relationship.

Yes. Many of the people in my relationship programs are either single and don’t necessarily want a relationship right now, are dating and looking to settle down, or are with someone but not sure if that’s ‘their person.’

My programs are designed to give you a solid foundation to build close and healthy relationships in the future. It does not mean you are committing to the person you’re with, or that you need to be in a relationship right now. When you’re ready, and you find someone you want to put your energy into, you’ll understand what it takes to stay out of your old habits, go through challenges without shutting down, and build a connection that’s real and gets better over time.

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