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There’s a hidden variable behind fulfillment, peace of mind, and resilience that operates 100% free from our circumstances.

Back in my twenties I read an amazing ‘super-study’ which found that people are capable of fulfillment and peace of mind even if they face the full range of adversity and distress. 

That same study also found that people are just as capable of emotional instability and struggle even after winning the lottery.

At times I think we all find ourselves overly affected by the little things that don’t go our way, leaving us dissatisfied, insecure, or chronically wanting something better. 

And in equal amounts, we often feel relatively little gratitude and satisfaction from the big and meaningful things we do have. Or as my dad says, we “don’t get much juice from the squeeze.”

And yet all of us have moments, however fleeting, where we’re relaxed, present, with our guards down, and nothing on our minds.

Those feelings are reachable for all of us, in a way that’s more consistent, reliable, and predictable. And like that super-study implied, our emotional and spiritual lives aren’t governed by the challenges we face. And we’re also not entitled to or magically granted a nicer life simply because things go well.

There’s something else at work. There’s a hidden variable that comes easily to some people, and yet is elusive to a big chunk of the general population. This variable is not only learn-able and understandable, but the more insight we have around this variable, the bigger the payoff. That variable is the sole focus of my programs. 

Examples of topics and issues I help clients with:

One-on-One Coaching: 4-Session Packages via Zoom ​

Four individual 1-hour sessions with Erika Bugbee, M.A. will take place over Zoom. These are one-on-one coaching conversations that provide an opportunity to get some distance and fresh perspective around your specific challenges, struggles, and goals. Throughout our sessions you’ll learn a set of principles that allow you to relate to your thinking differently, making you less affected by stress, setbacks, and insecurity.

The cost of the program is $975 USD

This program includes:


Individual coaching sessions

Four 1-hour video sessions with Erika Bugbee, M.A. will take place weekly or as needed.


Hand-picked resources

Three complimentary audio products will be hand-picked to support your specific and unique areas of growth and struggle.

4-Day Intensive Program via Zoom or in La Conner, Washington (USA)

This program gives you an opportunity to slow down and disengage from your daily life, get into a more relaxed and reflective state, and develop the clarity to handle the challenges unique to your life. The retreat-style structure, pace, and schedule are facilitated in a way that allow you to learn the principles I teach through a process that’s insight-driven. This results in a new vision and understanding around what it takes to bring out your strengths, resilience, and a new perspective to give you a fresh start.

The cost of the program is $4,500 USD

This program includes:


individual coaching sessions

Four days of private sessions facilitated by Erika Bugbee, M.A.


structured time to clear your head, reflect, and absorb what you’re learning

Structured time between sessions is built into the program to provide the opportunity for you to absorb, reflect on what you’re learning, and clear your head in preparation for the next session.


hand-picked resources

Six complimentary audio products will be hand-picked to support your specific and unique areas of growth or struggle.


follow-up sessions

Three one-hour follow-up calls are included in the program to help you effectively and gracefully integrate your learning and insights into your life. This provides the opportunity to get support with challenges that arise when you get home so you can see how to effectively implement what you learned. Additional follow-up sessions can be added at any time.

Oh my gosh, thank you, Erika. 🙏🏽

I felt like skipping after our call – it was so helpful, just like every other time we’ve talked. I end up with a lovely sense of relief that it’s not so serious and there’s always something else to see in the best way.”

Linda F., New York, NY


"I notice that I am less rushed, less worried about my relationship, and less caught up in my thoughts.

I feel my whole physical being is more relaxed. I was stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted before I came (for my 4-Day Intensive), with a feeling of hopelessness.

Now I feel calm, content and confident, and optimistic that all will be OK. I have been dealing with conflict by leaving it unresolved. Now I will stand up for myself, but with compassion and confidence, at least most of the time!”

Ruth M.


No, your partner does not need to participate in any of my programs. In fact about half of the people that attend my relationship programs either have partners that don’t participate, or they’re single. It may seem like a funny concept to attend a relationships program without a partner, but the fact is, it doesn’t actually matter given how relationships actually work.

The goal of these programs is to help you to show up to the relationship, and the tension and challenges it brings with less reactivity and overanalysis, and more clarity, grace, and presence. That has a profound and immediate impact on the relationship as it changes the level of communication, the chemistry, the connection, and the overall dynamic. It’s the best thing you can do for yourself, AND for the relationship.

Yes. Many of the people in my relationship programs are either single and don’t necessarily want a relationship right now, are dating and looking to settle down, or are with someone but not sure if that’s ‘their person.’

My programs are designed to give you a solid foundation to build close and healthy relationships in the future. It does not mean you are committing to the person you’re with, or that you need to be in a relationship right now. When you’re ready, and you find someone you want to put your energy into, you’ll understand what it takes to stay out of your old habits, go through challenges without shutting down, and build a connection that’s real and gets better over time.

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