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Any relationship can get a fresh start

In the 25 years I’ve been working with couples, I’ve found that in certain ways, all relationships operate the same way. And they all hold the same promise and potential.

I say that because of a few key factors I’ve consistently seen in my clients that provide hope for all relationships:

Connection is ALWAYS possible
The potential for a strong and genuine connection is there for any relationship. This is true whether you had it but lost it, and is true even if you’ve never found that connection with someone.

Compatibility: Not actually a big deal
Compatibility is not ultimately a factor when it comes to connection. I see and talk to couples every day that are considered compatible yet on the brink of divorce, and couples that seem incompatible yet have a strong unconditional connection. There’s something else at work that anyone can understand and apply.

It only takes one person to spark a connection.
You can be in a relationship and be the only one looking for help. Or maybe you’re single or dating and wondering how to make sure that feeling of closeness is part of your future. The aspect of relationships I find fascinating is that connecting to people has more to do with you than anyone else. So what you’re looking for is within your means.

If you’re in a relationship that needs help, there are certain relationship fundamentals you can learn that will give you the hope, clarity, direction, and tools you need to get a fresh start. And that’s my area of expertise.

Even if you’re single, dating, in between relationships, or not sure if you’re with the right person, getting a solid understanding of what it takes to build a stable, connected, and fulfilling relationship is well within reach.

Examples of topics and issues I help clients with:

client stories

"I was my own worst enemy. We both were, but something clicked while we were there (in La Conner). We had a change of heart, that's what it was. And once we had a change of heart, the chemistry changed. It’s subtle, but powerful. And for the first time in 8 years, we had hope. Hope instead of 'nope.' Everything’s different now."

One-on-One Coaching for Relationships:
Single Sessions or 4-Session Packages via Zoom

Individual 1-hour sessions with Erika Bugbee, M.A. will take place over Zoom. These are one-on-one conversations that give you an opportunity to get some distance and fresh perspective around your specific relationship challenges, struggles, and goals. You’ll learn the principles behind a healthy and fulfilling relationship and what it takes for you to focus on your part.

Please note: These coaching packages are designed for one person to attend for the purpose of improving his/her relationship skills and insight. If your partner would also like coaching, please book a separate coaching package for him/her. If you’d like to participate in the same program, please see the 4-Day Couples Intensive Program for Couples below.

Single Sessions: $255 USD
4-Session Packages: $975 USD


Individual coaching sessions

Four 1-hour video sessions with Erika Bugbee, M.A. will take place weekly or as needed.


Hand-picked resources **( included in 4-Session Packages only)

Three complimentary audio products will be hand-picked to support your specific and unique areas of relationship growth and struggle.

4-Day Intensive Program for Couples in La Conner, Washington (USA) or via Zoom

This couples program gives you and your partner an opportunity to slow down and disengage from your daily lives, get into a more relaxed and reflective state, and look at your relationship struggles, challenges, and goals through a fresh set of eyes. The retreat-style structure, pace, and schedule is facilitated in such a way that it will allow you both to learn the principles I teach through a process that’s insight-driven. This results in a new vision and understanding around what it takes to bring out your strengths and your connection as a couple and give your relationship a fresh start.

$8000 USD


individual coaching sessions

Four days of private sessions with you and your partner facilitated by Erika Bugbee, M.A. and another seasoned member of her coaching team.


structured time to clear your head, reflect, and absorb what you’re learning

Structured time between sessions is built into the program to provide the opportunity for you to absorb, reflect on what you’re learning, and clear your head in preparation for the next session


hand-picked resources

Twelve complimentary audio products will be hand-picked to support your specific and unique areas of relationships growth or struggle.


follow-up sessions

Six one-hour follow-up calls (three calls each) are included in the program to help you and your partner effectively and gracefully integrate your learning and insights into your relationship. This provides the opportunity to get support with any issues or challenges that may arise when you get home so you can see how to effectively implement what you learned. Additional follow-up sessions can be added anytime.


No, your partner does not need to participate in any of my programs. In fact about half of the people that attend my relationship programs either have partners that don’t participate, or they’re single. It may seem like a funny concept to attend a relationships program without a partner, but the fact is, it doesn’t actually matter given how relationships actually work.

The goal of these programs is to help you to show up to the relationship, and the tension and challenges it brings with less reactivity and overanalysis, and more clarity, grace, and presence. That has a profound and immediate impact on the relationship as it changes the level of communication, the chemistry, the connection, and the overall dynamic. It’s the best thing you can do for yourself, AND for the relationship.

Yes. Many of the people in my relationship programs are either single and don’t necessarily want a relationship right now, are dating and looking to settle down, or are with someone but not sure if that’s ‘their person.’

My programs are designed to give you a solid foundation to build close and healthy relationships in the future. It does not mean you are committing to the person you’re with, or that you need to be in a relationship right now. When you’re ready, and you find someone you want to put your energy into, you’ll understand what it takes to stay out of your old habits, go through challenges without shutting down, and build a connection that’s real and gets better over time.

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