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Addictions in Teens: Helping Parents keep their Sanity and Influence

Finding a Sense of Direction that Benefits You and your Teen

Parenting teens with addictions is a tough gig.

You’re standing right there, watching your kid struggle and flail. And yet you don’t have the influence you used to have to intervene.

Parents can find themselves in a constant fight to establish control and limits. Meanwhile they’re gripped by frustration, overwhelm, and fear about their teen’s well-being and future.

In this series I’ll share a set of guiding principles around addictions in teens that have helped my parenting clients over the past two decades. The focus is to help you get your bearings back and provide hope, insight, and a better sense of direction that benefits you and your teen.

I’ll focus on some of the more common addictions including electronics, social media, marijuana, nicotine, and food-related addictions. But what you learn will apply to any type of addiction.

Joining me for a session will be guest speaker Dr. George Pransky, Ph.D., a psychologist with 40+ years of clinical experience in addictions and family systems.

I’m offering this series at a special rate to celebrate the recent launch of my new website. Hope to see you there.


Sessions will be 75 minutes long. Replays will be available for four months.

Session dates and times:
The sessions are on Tuesdays in June 2024:
June 4 at 11am PT
June 11  at 11am PT
June 18 at 11am PT
June 25 at 11am PT

4-Part Webinar Series with Erika Bugbee, M.A.


Addictions in Teens: Helping Parents keep their Sanity and Influence

$95.00 USD

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Program Highlights

Structured learning

In-depth yet practical teaching points distilled from 25 years of industry experience and delivered in a reflective and structured environment.

Special Guest:

Dr. George Pransky​

Joining me for a session will be Dr. George Pransky, Ph.D., a seasoned psychologist with 40+ years of experience helping people with addictions.

Live Q&A Segments

An opportunity to ask questions as well as listen to  other people’s questions, challenges, and learning throughout the process

Supportive Community

A chance to learn alongside people that share your struggles and learn from other each other’s stories, experiences, and insights

Program Details

4-Part Webinar Series with Erika Bugbee, M.A.


Addictions in Teens: Helping Parents keep their Sanity and Influence

$95.00 USD

Your access link will be sent
via email within 24 hours

About Erika Bugbee, M.A.

Since 1998 Erika Bugbee, M.A. has been a global coach specializing in helping teens, young adults, and parents.

She has regularly supported both teen and adult clients with the full range of addictions including substance use, food-related behaviors, electronics, social media, work, exercise, and spending.

Erika is the founder of Erika Bugbee Coaching outside Seattle, Washington offering Zoom coaching programs and 4-day Intensives in-person or via Zoom. 

She also works with individuals and couples, trains and mentors practitioners, and is a frequent international webinar and conference presenter.

Erika has a unique expertise in an approach called the Three Principles and remains one of the most seasoned practitioners in the discipline today.

A former therapist of 12 years, Erika earned both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in psychology through University of Oregon and City University, respectively. She and her husband of 25 years have two grown kids.


No, your partner does not need to participate in any of my programs. In fact about half of the people that attend my relationship programs either have partners that don’t participate, or they’re single. It may seem like a funny concept to attend a relationships program without a partner, but the fact is, it doesn’t actually matter given how relationships actually work.

The goal of these programs is to help you to show up to the relationship, and the tension and challenges it brings with less reactivity and overanalysis, and more clarity, grace, and presence. That has a profound and immediate impact on the relationship as it changes the level of communication, the chemistry, the connection, and the overall dynamic. It’s the best thing you can do for yourself, AND for the relationship.

Yes. Many of the people in my relationship programs are either single and don’t necessarily want a relationship right now, are dating and looking to settle down, or are with someone but not sure if that’s ‘their person.’

My programs are designed to give you a solid foundation to build close and healthy relationships in the future. It does not mean you are committing to the person you’re with, or that you need to be in a relationship right now. When you’re ready, and you find someone you want to put your energy into, you’ll understand what it takes to stay out of your old habits, go through challenges without shutting down, and build a connection that’s real and gets better over time.

feedback from previous events

"Erika Bugbee is the teen whisperer. She’s also the 'parents-of-teens' whisperer.
Erika works with teens and their parents in ways that look like magic, but are deceptively simple and full of common sense. She talks about how understanding what a teen’s inner life is like–even just a little bit–can make a gigantic difference in the quality of your interactions."
- Dr. Amy Johnson, Ph.D., Canton, MI

4-Part Webinar Series with Erika Bugbee, M.A.

tuesdays in june 2024

Addictions in Teens:

Helping Parents keep their

Sanity and Influence


$95.00 USD

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